Hey friends, so much has happened (good and not so good) since I last blogged. Some of the good things:

  • I LOVE life!
  • Family has a different meaning now! It doesn’t mean the nuts that have fallen from MY tree. It does include the strong parts of my tree that have stuck by me – NO MATTER WHAT! (you know who you are and aren’t), my daughter, my son, my daughter-in-law, my Grandchildren, and my new Grandson who’s on the way, my dear and close friends, and my new online sisters!
  • My Son has married a wonderful woman whom I am honored to call Daughter! And she has brought two beautiful grandkids into this family and I love them so much!
  • I am looking forward to welcoming a new little one to our family in 2013!
  • I am now a Cricut Circlet! Yes, I have found the PINK side!
  • My blog has changed – and with any luck, it will change again – soon!
  • I am crafting again! This is a big one, folks.
  • I am many steps closer to getting my craft room set up just right!
  • I have a new punchbowl (ok, this is an insider comment. If you know what it means, then it’s for you! Don’t be a hater!)
  • And most important,  I am blessed!

There are more changes that have happened and many more to come and I’m excited about it all! I happy and excited to be sharing my art and heart with you and I invite your comments (Blog Love!). If you like what you see, I hope that you will follow me on my crafty journey. And for all of my current followers, I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for sticking with me!

Here’s a preview of tomorrow’s post:

Pins 22

Until next time, Happy Crafting,



  1. The "sneek peak" looks beautiful! I'm excited to see the whole project. So glad that life is good for you right now.