It's almost midnight and I am still working on a set (a rather large set) of Thank You cards for my sister-in-law. I promised to have them ready for her when we get to Houston tomorrow and I am only half done :-( ! I knew that I should have started on them earlier but I always do my best work under pressure. Plus, I couldn't pick just one design. While making one, I would think of another design that might be good. And then another... So in the end, my SIL will get several different Thank You's to send. I will try to get a photo of them and post it when we return. I am looking forward to seeing my whole family all together again. It's been too many years. We will be celebrating my brother's 70th birthday (and, yes, there is a VERY huge age difference between the two of us - smile) and we are hoping that it's still a surprise to him. I am also working on a mini scrapbook album of his years growing up to give to him on Saturday but I'll be bringing it back home so I can add the photos of his party to it. It's going to be a long night!

I wanted to post a photo of the birthday card that I made for my brother before I left. This is a technique that my upline showed me (thanks, Ellen) last year and I am just getting around to doing it. I ordered this stamp, which is retired now, just to do this. It is called the Soot Technique and it is done with glossy paper and a candle flame! The outcome is so cool and so different.
I hope that you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!


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