I am giddy with excitement ~ My blog is featured on Two Chics and A Cricut Today!!!

I’m doing my happy dance! (ok, I’m dancing on the inside so as not to break any stitches, lol) but it’s still a very happy dance!
My blog, My Paper Passion, is being featured today (Happy September 1st everyone) on the Two Chics and A Cricut blog!!!! I am trilled that they picked my blog to showcase. I feel so honored, excited, and …. like doing the happy dance again!!! LOL
Check out their wonderful blog at http://twochicsandacricut.blogspot.com/
They have pages about getting started as well as advanced scrapbooking. There are videos and a page on everything Cricut plus much more. Please go visit, look around and follow. Tell them Angie sent you!
I have a Halloween card that I am in the process of putting together and when it’s finished I will post it. It will be today, promise! But until then, I would like to share a Christmas card that I made last year. I love all of the layers and embossing (although the post office didn’t like the bulk too much, lol). I hope you enjoy it.
poinsettia card
And speaking of Christmas (which will be here before we know it!) I also want to share a couple of gifts that I made for my brothers and my mom.
Altered CanvasThis is an altered canvas that I made for both of my brothers. On the left side is a photo of them together many, many years ago. I wanted to place a present day photo of the two of them on the right side but none of us live in the same city and it is so hard to get together these days. But with a little photo imaging software magic, I got the picture that I wanted. Oh what would we do without out computers! Now remember, I am their BABY sister – by very many years! LOL! (I just hope they don’t read this post!)
CalendarThis is a calendar for my dear mother. Since she is getting up in age, I included everyone’s birthday and anniversary’s in it and also put old photos on each months page. That’s my mom on the cover when she was in her 20’s.
I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my older projects and maybe get some ideas for this years gift giving. I’ll get that Halloween card up as soon as I can.
Thanks for looking and as always, Happy Crafting!


  1. Congrats on being featured! Your projects are beautiful..I love the calendar for your mom. She's quite gorgeous!

  2. Congrats on your blog being featured. I'm in awe too, its beautiful. And I love that card.

  3. Congrats on being featured...blog looks great

  4. Congrats on being featured. I love the card... wow, that flower is awesome and the embossing puts it all together. Great job