Scrapbooking Heals

First of all, I want to thank all of you who sent warm and uplifting comments of wishes for good health to me. I read each and every comment sent and those truly lifted my heart – Thank you!

Second, I so sorry about the Halloween card :-( ! I had a doctors appointment that day and it ended up a lot longer than I had imagined. In the end, I was put on complete bed rest until…??? “What, no Cricut? No paper? No Adhesive? OMG – NO EMBELLISHMENTS??????”  This can not be. Yea, ok, get me well but then I’ll be a healthy basket case, LOL! I need to create! So my wonderful DD set up a make shift ‘craft room’ all around my bed! The Baby Cricut is plugged in and placed on a table next to me (I haven’t told you guys about my Expression, did I? She got sick too! It must be going around but I’ll save that for another day). Oh well, I’m in the process of finishing up the card and getting it photographed and I hope to have it up soon.

But what my DD did for me made me stop and think. She has always been there for me, doing those little things that might go unnoticed to make me happy and cheer me up. I want to let her know that those “little” things have NEVER gone unnoticed with me!

In 2001, I had been diagnosed with cancer. It was very hard to hear since my Dad had passed away with it just one year earlier. But I did put it in perspective – I found out after 9/11 and felt extremely blessed because of that. One day earlier and I would have been a complete mess. But it didn’t seen so bad at that point compared to what I was witnessing on the news. I also felt blessed because I wasn’t on any of those planes – I had just taken a early retirement from AA as a Flight Attendant before this happened. Cancer – that’s nothing. I can bet it! And eventually I did! Thank you, Heavenly Father!

During this uncertain time, my DD who was 8 at the time made me a gift that she created with her own little hands. It made me so happy and I had to save it on a scrapbook page. And this is the result, “Through Tiffany’s Eyes I Can See Beyond Cancer”.

Through Tiffany's Eyes

I added her gift to me which was made with cardstock and floss (she had never done any kind of embroidery before this so I thought it was pretty good considering), the lyrics to the song “Through my daughters eyes” by Martina McBride (a beautiful song and very fitting), and a close up photo of her beautiful eyes.

In My Daughter's Eyes page 1

This is one of those layouts that is very personal to me and I thought that I would never share it. But I’ve received some beautiful comments over the last week and in my heart I knew that I had to share this with my new friends. Thank you for visiting and as always Happy Crafting,



  1. Great LO and story! I pray that all is well. TFS

  2. I deeply appreciate the sentiments and the creative manner in which this layout was fashioned. Thanks for sharing..your DD rocks!

  3. That is a beautiful story Angela!
    Thank you for sharing it! I connected to your blog via the Circut Army. Sad our demos are "on hold" for now...but gives you time to rest up! What a wonderful daughter you are surely blessed!

  4. Hi Angela! I hope you're feeling better!