Sorry–I’ve Been MIA!

Well, that thing called life just keeps getting in the way! Confused smile There has been some good things and not so good things. My DD and I were down with colds over the Thanksgiving week. Then I tried to brave the Black Friday crowds (I vow NEVER to go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday EVER AGAIN in my life, amen!) – enough said about that! But going to craft stores is completely different. But by the time I returned home my throat felt like a swallowed a porcupine! I’ve also been busy with the Cricut classes that I have been teaching at Hobby Lobby and I think that I may be teaching SDU at Michael’s soon. In the middle of all of the above, my DD had dental surgery (and while she was there I think they got their patients mixed up and kept my 18 year-old and sent an 8 year-old home with me, Surprised smile! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad but those of you with teenagers will understand!) I’ve also been transforming our home into a Christmas wonderland. Ha! You didn’t fall for that one did you? So I haven’t had a lot of time to create and I don’t like that. I promise that I will have something to post soon. Thanks for being patient!




  1. Sorry about being sick, I can completely understand that, we've been sick too, finally over it :-)

    Glad you've been doing so well with your classes, that's awesome!!! You go girl!

    Hopefully your daughter will feel good soon after her dental surgery and you'll have her back to herself. lol!

    -Sam :-)