Control Those Ink Pads!!!

In the process of redoing my craft room I realized that I had WAY too many ink pads –not that I’m complaining, mind you- and I didn’t have any kind of plan to tame my growing collection. Until I found these two tips. The  first tip was found at Rebel Inker. Stacey King has a pdf file that you can download with instructions for making this ink pad holder that uses only 2 pieces of foam core board. She used white foam core in her tutorial but I decided to use black and I got it at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale at 50% off- I’m ALWAYS looking for a good deal!

IMG_4589(Now I didn’t say that I was a master builder, ok? This is as good as it gets!)

This system was made to fit the Stampin’ Up! Ink pads but I found that with a little tweaking, you can use the basic pattern to create a number of configurations, not just for ink pads but for all kinds of storage.


It wasn’t that difficult to put together. I guess the hardest part was just cutting the foam core nice and straight. There are 5 compartments for the ink pads and each compartment holds 12 pads – again, these are SU pads. There is even a place to store your re-inkers at the top!


Because I bought the 2 pieces of foam core at 50% off, this project cost me about $5.00! Now what am I gonna do with the other 100 other brands of ink pads? LOL! More to come on that one. After I figure it out!

The other solution that I found was for my Tim Holtz Distress ink pads. –Hold on for a minute, ARed heartT! ok! I’m better now!


I like to use his inks with Inkssentials ink blending pads and Tim’s wooden tool. ok, did I just say that? That didn’t sound good -I’m really a good girl! But I didn’t want to get the inking pads & colors mixed up. SoLight bulb! I went back to Hobby Lobby –right, any excuse!- to purchase Velcro squares that were stick-on and some more ink blending foams.


I first stuck the rough side of the Velcro on the back of the ink pad and the softer side on the back of the blending foam.


Next step was to put the blending foam on the ink pad:


Now, when I need to use a certain color of ink, I grab it, take the blending foam off the back and stick it to the blending tool!



Even with the piece of Velcro between the pad and the tool, I have no problems at all getting a smooth, even color on my project. When I’m finished, I just reverse it – take the pad off the blending tool and place it back onto the bottom of the ink pad.


Easy as pie! Give it a try! If you do try either one of these storage tricks, please comment on this post and let me know. I just want to know if you like getting some tips & tricks on storage, scrapbooking and cricut related items also.

Dakota Bear, I hate to do this, but I can only give you until Wednesday, March 9th to contact me for your Blog Candy. After that date, I’ll have to pick another name!

Thanks for looking and until next time, Happy Crafting,



  1. Great tip about storing those TH foam pads. I'll definitely try that!

  2. I have been wanting to make one of those foam board holders but I am scared to try it!! Maybe I can get my husband to cut straight lines!!

  3. love the ideas! Thank you for sharing...Guess who is going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!! WOO HOO!!
    Debbie Chapman

  4. All I can say is I wish I had that many ink pads. I only have a couple. Thanks for the tips though, Cathy

  5. Angie, that is a great tip about velcroing the ink pads to the bottom of the TH ink pads.

    I sent you an emael last night, I hope you have received it.

  6. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. Next week is spring break for me and I'll be fine-tuning my organization system. This will be at the top of the list.

  7. Wow! Great storage and organization tips - the velcro idea is genius!