New From Jetmax!

Well, new to me at least! I am really into the whole Jetmax storage cubes right now – this better not be a fade ‘cause I’ve spent way too much on them so it better last! - and I’ve been searching for the one piece that I can never find – the file cube with only one drawer. Well, after teaching my SDU class tonight, I went to the Jetmax section and there it was! I felt like I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or hit the Jetmax cube lottery! As I was grabbing my cube, I saw something that I had never seen before. A Jetmax Cricut storage organizer!


You can store your Cricut machine in this. And that’s an Cricut Expression on the box so it’s big enough for that. (Please excuse these photos, I took them with my phone.)


A closer look. Now, I like the place at the very top for the Cricut markers (I don’t have many of those anyway) and the little shelf at the back, but for storing Cricut boxes like they have done here – please, don’t make me laugh! That little space wouldn’t hold any of my cartridges! – does anyone really have only have THREE cartridges? – I guess I could use that area to store my Gypsy stuff.

Here’s a photo of it closed:


Nice, but I think that I use my Cricut too much to have to open this over and over again. – I may have to eat my words if you come by my house in a few weeks and see one of these in my scrapbook room! - But I do love that they are making more types of storage and also thinking about us Cricuteers! Thank you Jetmax! It costs $59.99 at Michaels but you can always use a coupon and my Mike’s only had 2 in stock.

Just thought I’d share. Michaels is redoing their entire scrapbooking department and I am told that there are a lot of new items coming soon. I’m looking forward to seeing new scrapbooking products and I hope they won’t disappoint. I’ll keep you posted!

PS – here’s a coupon, just in case!


Until next time, Happy Crafting,



  1. Angela I have never seen anything like this! It is great that new cool stuff is on the market.

  2. I was just at my Mike's Friday to look for it and they didn't have it but the whole place was in disarray as usual!! Will check back later if I dare...

  3. I do like that...and don't laugh, I only have 5 Cricut cartridges....I don't use it that much but since i got it in a trade and sometimes my friends use it when they come over...