Cricut Circle Stick Pin Swap

Hey friends! When I joined the Cricut Circle there was a stick pin swap already in progress but I loved reading the swap thread even though I wasn’t a part of the group. The posts on this thread were so entertaining and I could just tell that this group of women were a lot of fun. I posted that I was just having a ball reading their posts everyday and that I would like to try making some of the stick pins just for myself since I still had a lot of beads left over from my jewelry making days. To my amazement, a couple of the ladies agreed to do a one-on-one swap with me! Ohhh, how sweet (thanks jjewel and scrapcat). So I got to work on my pins – well, after a little retail therapy! Yes, I had to go buy a few, well okay, a little more than a few (and that’s all that I will admit to) more beads! Then towards the end of the swap, someone dropped out and they asked if I could be they’re Angel. They must have noticed the halo in my avatar – and they didn’t even mind if it was a little crooked, lol! So I ended up making enough stick pins for everyone in the group – two each. That’s a grand total of 38 stick pins! I even made a tag for each set although mine were nothing like the ones I received back. Those ladies aren’t just nice, they are all so talented! These are now my Circle sisters and some have become good friends.

Today I will share some of the stick pins that I made and later on I will share all of the gorgeous pins that I got in return. (I still haven’t taken any photos of them yet. I was so amazed when I opened the box, all I have been able to do is lay them all out and ohhh and ahhh over them!) Now, for those who are not sure what stick pins are, think about the old hat pins but on a smaller scale. They are very popular in scrapbooking and card making right now.

Stick Pins 1

Stick Pins 2

Stick Pins 3

Stick Pins 4

And here are two sets that I had already packaged with their tags:

Stick Pins 5

Stick Pins 6

I cut these cute little Bug Heads with my Cricut, of course!

Stick Pins 7

The stick pins were so much fun to make and my Circle swap group is the greatest! I had so much fun, in fact, that I signed up with this group to swap again. This time? Yep, more beads! We are swapping beaded tendrils to make bracelets in one group and the other group is for the “die hard crafter” and we can make anything we want to as long as it has beads. I foresee another round of retail therapy in my near future…

Until next time, Happy Crafting,



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