Some Vinyl Projects!

What a great day I had yesterday! The Fabulous & 50 Blog Hop was so much fun and everyone involved had great projects! I can’t stop thanking them enough – so here we go, just one more time: Dawn, Janice, Normea, Nancy, Michelle, Barbara, Debbie, Marcia, Veronica, Tina, and last but not least, my girl, Monique. Thanks again to all of you for celebrating with me and being great friends! Scroll down to yesterdays post if you missed it!

I will get the tutorials made this week about the Glass Block that I made and the Origami Mini Book also. So keep checking back or better yet, subscribe to my blog and you will automatically receive my blog posts! But today I just wanted to share a couple of projects that I made back in BC – that’s Before Cricut! I had the Baby Bug but I also wanted something that would allow me to do more and design – so DH bought the Wishblade for me! More on that later!

In the first design, I bought the file from Paper Threads but I’m so sorry that I can not remember the actual designers name.


Jesus’ face is so detailed. This was a gift for a friend so I purchased an inexpensive clear glass plate and placed the cut black vinyl on it. She loved it!


Look at this – isn’t it amazing! If you know the designer please leave a comment. This was a very simple gift to make. I love working with vinyl so much!

This next project is all mine! I knew her family’s names and the fact that family was extremely important to her.


So easy to do with vinyl! Ok, now back to the Wishblade – I loved my WB and my little Bug just sat in the corner of my craft room. That was until I discovered the Gypsy and the Design Studio! I {HEART} my G & my DS! And that’s when I found out that I could do many of the things that I did in my WB program but with the G & DS it was SO MUCH EASIER! Yes, I know that with the WB I could use all of the fonts on my computer but between all of the carts that I own, surely I can find at least one font that will work with my projects! Sarcastic smile So even though I still have my WB (and I’ll never part with it) I absolutely {HEART} my Cricut family. Since then I have adopted a Cricut Expression, a Cricut Cake, the Design Studio, too many carts (lol, but the next one is just around the corner!), and my precious Gypsy! My little ‘family’ is very close and we spend a lot of time together! Maybe too much if you talk to some others, like those real people that stay here too! But with your Cricut, you can design the second project above in just minutes! You don’t need the G or DS but let me tell you, those two make my life so much easier! And if you get a Gypsy NOW and register it by tomorrow, you’ll be able to download extra cartridges – FREE! Now that’s a deal!

Well, time to go play with my family! Until next time, Happy Crafting,



  1. Love your vinyl projects! The plate is just beautiful and it really is very detailed. And the frame is so cute and would make a lovely gift for any family...great projects!


  3. This is beautful!
    P.S. I left somethng for you on my blog- check it out!